Business concept : CAMPUS CAB SERVICE

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I am honored to present a Business concept called “CAMPUS CAB SERVICE” Tagline : PICK YOUR OWN WAY

There are some of the transporting services available in Ranchi who provide good comfort in transportation. These services have upper hand in the business market nowadays. They have set a benchmark in the market today and has n number of customers who find these services comfortable and very helpful.
Remain in touch, wherever in the world we go, let geography be history!

• This is a cab service provided and specially to all. But, specially to the students of any field or age.
• We will provide this service to all people, not only confined to students but the idea is to specially target the students. They get this service on their fingertips to reach their destination safely at any point of time.
• Students will find our services pretty helpful as we have seen there are number of students who find problems in travelling. We are here to solve them by the best as possible.
• In a survey, it is found that 45% of India’s population is below 25 years of age. So, this is the population where maximum number of students we can get.
• They always find such service providers who are nominal, adaptive, cool, comfortable and safe to travel.

• To our specification, we will provide campus mini, campus sedan and campus XUV.
• The customer can track our service from the point the cab is been booked.
• A setup GPS and navigation is available with every cab.
• A free WI-FI network connection will be available to the customers.
• For relaxing, mineral water bottles will also be available.
• We will appoint the service providers of minimum driving experience of 3 Years.
• We will also recruit female driver if a female customer wishes to go with female driver.

• For Campus mini, first 3 Km charges would be Rs 39/- and after 3 km Rs 8.49/- per km.
• For campus sedan, first 3 km charges will be Rs 48/- and after 3 km Rs 9.99/-
• For campus XUV, first 3 Km charges would be Rs 54/- and after 3 km Rs 10.49/-
• No ride holding charges until 10 minutes but after that Rs 0.99/min will be charged.

• The first 5 km of a consumer availing our service for the first time will be free of cost.
• 10 %Discount is made on the basis of regular membership and the students having official identity cards issued by their particular institutions.
• Students and others can issue their campus card to enjoy their ride and earn points for the discount.
• This service will be available 24*7*365 days.
• Recruiting female driver.

• For a campus mini,
This is the example of our revenue generated if a customer travels for minimum 6 km/day.
Present price of a diesel in Ranchi= Rs. 54
Mileage of the Campus Mini=18km/litre.
Now, Rs. 54 will be covered in travelling 18 km.
Hence, Cost of travelling 6 km in mini=Rs (39+8.49*3)
Rs (39+25.47)
Rs 64.47.
So, for up and down of a campus mini will cost us Rs 64/-
i.e., for 12km, our expense will be Rs 64.47.
Now again, travelling next 6 km will cost us Rs 32.
So, travelling 18 km, total cost= Rs (64+32)
Rs 96/-
Revenue=Rs (96-54)
Rs 42/-
We will take it as Rs 30/-
Now we target to get at least 25 customers a day.
again, Rs (25*30)
Rs 750/-
As a result, we will profit Rs 750/- with a Campus Mini Customer in a day.

• As such, this would be a Low profit making company. We want to serve people in the best way.
• We are targeting for at least 50 customers a day where 50% customers of campus mini, 40% customers of campus sedan and 10% customers of campus XUV.
• We will cover the market slowly by marketing ourselves on fullest level. The strong marketing can be done through our Penetration Pricing.
• If our strategy becomes successful, we are hopeful to achieve our target by 6 months.


Abhishek Kumar Tripathy

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