When we talk about E-Commerce first we need to understand what it is actually all about? It is basically about the business transactions between the buyer and the seller, but there is a twist; and that twist is none other than the revolutionary technology “Internet”. Oh yes using Internet for trading of goods and services, or transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These include business transactions between either of the Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Consumer-to-Consumer or Consumer-to-Business. B2B is the business transaction between business and business i.e. a manufacturer is dealing with another manufacturer (or vendor). B2C is the business transaction between Business and Consumer, normal buying from the manufacturer or the seller. C2C is the business transaction between a Consumer and another Consumer, (OLX, E-Bay); and C2B is when the Consumer is having any business transaction between him and the seller (Business).
E-commerce had always been facing a drawback in India. Here a person doesn’t really go for buying products online so often. There is a myth in consumers’ mind that online shopping is not safe. To counter this, players like Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. are making every possible effort, they are giving best deals, coupons and discounts; as a result the sector has seen 35% CAGR (from 3.8 billion USD in 2009 to 12.6 billion USD in 2013) over the past few years. (SOURCES) 6th October 2014 will always be considered as one of the best and turning point for Flipkart and Indian E-commerce. This was the first big billion day organised by Flipkart and it sold products worth INR 650Crore that too only in 10 hours. And now when people have started preferring online products, players like Zopper are coming with new and innovative ideas.
After positively crossing this “trust” hurdle, online shopping again has to face one more issue. It is also considered as a threat for offline shopping or traditional retailers. The products available online are much cheaper when compared with any of your nearby shop. Suppose you need to buy a cell phone, if you go for buying it from any retailer you would see the price difference and if you ask him for lowering the price after showing him the price at which the same is available in the online platform then even the retailer would end up saying that he can’t do anything regarding the price difference. Zopper has come up with the idea of tackling this problem by basically playing a role of a bridge for the gap between online and offline sellers.
Not a new name in the field of E-Commerce but certainly a promising name which holds all the ability to prosper in this field sooner or later “Zooper”. “Zopper” was founded by IIM graduates Neeraj Jain and Surjendu Kulia in 2010. Zopper lets you buy the best products at lowest rates. It has 2000 online and 200000 offline merchants. It lets you compare the prices and products available both online and offline. “The real difference (between Zopper and other websites) is that they have the largest catalogue (of online and offline merchants), the largest merchant listings and the widest price discovery” says the CEO, Neeraj Jain. The best thing about Zopper is that after choosing a product sold by an offline merchant, the person can contact the merchant and go to his store to see and analyse the product.
Online shopping is also showing a footfall for the offline sellers. People can get the same product at a better price online. But Zopper, as discussed earlier, is providing a stage for the offline sellers to reach a whole new lot of consumers. Here they go for giving discounts, deals etc. to attract the consumer. Even they go below the margin in which the product is supposed to be sold at. But at the end they make profit enormously. That is all about their price mechanism.
Zopper is also giving a facility of the product to be installed at your home and 10 days guaranteed return policy after the installation of the product if the consumer finds something wrong with the product.
So, overall Zopper is trying to counter as much problems as it can. If given a right direction with right amount of publicity it can stand among one of top amongst the E-Commerce sites.

Simran Verma
ICFAI University, Jharkhand