5 Ways by which a Medium – Small business owners can increase or improve Customer Retention

A medium/small business success depends upon basic things like its willingness to grow and their customers. In today’s competitive era customers play a vital role in growth of the business. Be it a grocery store, medical store or a vegetable shop it is needed that the customer always get they need. Here are five measures which ensure your customers coming back to you:
1. Loyalty benefits.
Customers who are regular will surely deserve something special, so that they can feel different among other customers. Relationships should be build with the regular ones by offering them something that is only available to the top of the customers. This will compel them to share their status with other with other people they know. Special referral schemes can be added to customer’s interest to increase the business. E.g. – Regularly using OLA cabs provide customers with certain perks like upgrade in their rides, cash back coupons, discount coupons etc.
2. Offer Promotions
As the business grows, it can be noticed that your products and services are in demand. Regular customers can be noticed. Now these regular ones can be the best word of mouth for your business. Certain benefits or offers should be given to them on the products they frequently buy to make relationship stronger. E.g. – New online grocery and vegetable portals offer lesser [rice than the market and more offers than what we get in shops.
3. Support of the Employee
Employees are the one who sell the products and explains the services provided by the business. It should be made sure that all the employees are well trained, their communication is good be it face to face, tele-calling or email support. People facing the customers should be perfect as unhappy or shy employee can be bad for growth of the business. If any customer remains dissatisfied due to these reasons the he/she/it can quickly share their view points with other and spoil your image. E.g. – Employees at the banks are best example of it. They deal with different types of customer everyday yet remain calm and explain everything to them and clarify their doubts.
4. Questioning your Customer
The best way to know what our customer needs is by cross questioning them. Surveying customers on your product/service as well as what customers expect from our business will be the best way to know what customers think about our products/services and further what do they expect more from us. If we know what they need or want from business enables us to prepare us for future. E.g. – If you have ever used freecharge, snapdeal or anyother e-shopping portal after the purchase you must have received a feedback form by them, enquiring about the experience of shopping with them and other stuffs.
5. Utilizing the Social Media
Not to say, but today every business is focused on using social media as their marketing platform. It may be a Super-Mall to MNC or Retail outlet to a online shopping portal. Social Media is a fast and convenient way of staying in contact of the customer for their feedback, support to placing the orders. Customers can come to know about the new offers provided by our business; they can even write reviews regarding their experience with our product/services. In case any negative review is placed, it can be handled their only.

Abhinav Sinha